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The Live! Queensland Band Culture exhibition continues to be a big drawcard with the State Library’s Gallery doubling as space for live performances.

On September 28, leading rock photojournalist Dane Beesley shared his insights into capturing the musicians and their music in photography.

It seems natural that as Beesley expanded his skills from newspaper photojournalism to street press and rock music, Rolling Stone Magazine came calling. He’s now a sought-after freelance photographer who has recently founded Text and Image Magazine.

Beesley’s knack for capturing the energy on stage and the moments when the music speaks led Melbourne’s Beat Magazine to bestow the title, ‘leading Australian rock photojournalist’.

I joined a group of emerging music photojournalists to learn tips from Beesley as he guided us through a photo shoot with local artists Liam Donovan and Angelique Christopher.

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Dane Beesley’s new magazine Text and Image is available online.