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Master Film-Editor, Walter Murch

Griffith University’s Film School hosted a film post-production symposium with sessions included at low/no cost during BIFF. (Thanks!)

Film-editor Walter Murch continually seeks new metaphors to describe his craft. His documentary on film-editing is considered to be a masterclass. Sadly, he was unable to come to Brisbane for a personal Q&A after this screening, but one was pre-recorded. These two sessions covered his six rules for editing images and three for sound (emotion, rhythm and story).

From an early age, he was fascinated by sound. He played with a friend’s dad’s cassette recorder so much, he was finally able to persuade his parents to buy him one. Working with images has been a natural progression, although he says films are never finished, they’re abandoned. He says the success of film editing (and therefore the film) is akin to whether the human body’s immune system accepts, rejects, or takes time to adapt to ‘foreign matter’.

Coming soon: A film on the Hadron Collider.

Filmsound have a wealth of links on Walter Murch and his work.

AFTRS, You-Tube and the Bondi Hipsters

The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and You-Tube have become partners. You-Tube representatives, Gina Leung and Kohta Asakira, say You-Tube is the second-most used search engine on the web, after Google. It’s a separate search engine although You-Tube is now Google-owned.

Nick and Gina showcased some talent who’ve developed and created You-Tube channels and networks. Tips on bringing your videos to the top of search lists and building audience/subscribers were given. There are also some handy analytics tools to see how well you’re doing.

Top tip: Improve your technical skills; be authentic.

Introducing… Bondi Hipsters creators, Nick Boshier (‘Beached Az’) and Christian Van Vuuren (‘Fully Sick Rapper’). After treating us to a clip of their alter-egos, we launched into the practical half of the You-Tube boot camp: tips on filming and video post-production. Pre-production and legal tips were covered by producer Martin Brown (Romeo + Juliet).

Keep an eye out for Christian’s film to be launched on MTV next year. It’s inspired by his 180 days of quarantine in hospital with tuberculosis.