Anywhere Theatre Festival 2012
Two Hours Traffic (Red Box, State Library Queensland)
Duration: 40 minutes

Welcome to ‘Merica! Culture starts right here. Pop culture, that is.

In the words of the creators: “American culture has bulldozed the world. We’re all drowning in Jennifer Aniston.”

Tonight, we are asked to choose one main dish and two sides. By secret democratic ballot, our group chose “Friends”, Elmo and Michelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Inside the Red Box – a small tiered amphitheatre with a river view – we face our host, Earl Kim. The stage behind him is littered with pop culture references – food, toys, advertising.

This will be a fast improvisational ride beginning with sealed envelope number 1, “doink doink”. Earl’s secret instruction is to enact a “Friends” scene between Ross and Rachel. The crowd enthusiastically laugh and applaud Earl’s skill.

Just like your favourite Xbox game, Earl is required to use more and more skill. By the end of the night, he is enacting a scene from “The Brady Bunch”. Imagine Cindy (played by Miss Piggy), Jan (played by Cher), Marcia (played by Detective Olivia Benson), Greg (played by Lady Gaga), Bobby (played by Ross Geller played by Andy Warhol), and … (drum roll)… Alice (played by Yoda).

The only way to do this show justice is to strap yourself in for the ride. This is a tribute show devised and created by Americans who have an unshakeable love for their home country. Screening here.

Performance seen: 13 May 2012
Review: Shirley Way

Director: Katherine Wilkinson
Created by: Morgan Rose and Earl Kim
Performed by: Earl Kim
Sound: Benjamin T Fitzpatrick
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